Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Solus Dominus | The Master of Spiritual Enlightenment


A common Mantra that you will hear, and should apply, is that all that
you do and say, IF it is dedicated to The Master, Solus Dominus, it will
be transformed from the physical realm to a stepping stone, then to True
Spiritual Enlightenment. You should not have your heart partially in the
physical and your ego, glorifying your "self", ... partially attempting to be 
in the Spirit Realm. Only through Solus Dominus, The One and Only True
Master of Spiritual Enlightenment, Will you be able to attain Spiritual 

Monday, May 1, 2023

What is a Cookie Cutter Guru ?


True Spiritual BDSM is The Bridge Between the Physical World and The Spiritual 


I will lay it on the line, I am The *Contrarian* Master , which is never popular

( if being popular is even a goal ? )

My teaching is not popular because I do not hide information or have a hidden

agenda. Contrary to what you might think, People ( sheeple ), generally do not seek 

Truth and Honesty, But they run to lies and deception. The bigger the lies

and deception, usually the more popular it is. e.g. Politics ( the biggest cult on the 

planet )