Monday, July 22, 2024

No "Cookie Cutter" So-Called Guru | Join The True Spiritual Master

Master Saneiv is the only true spiritual master in the world. Master Saneiv has no connection with India, Hinduism or Yoga. Shocking, But born and raised in the United States. 

Master is a contrarian Master, so don't expect the "cookie cutter" so-called "guru" , who are actually nothing more than the blind leading the blind. Your small but important donation, will go 100% to NEEDS, Not for wants. Master Saneiv Spiritual Enlightenment Center and Co-Op Community. Arizona and (future) The Philippines. 

What do God, Love and Light Have To Do With Spiritually Enlightened Nudity ? ( Not Sex )

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Do you think that a woman like this has anything meaningful to communicate ?

Do you think that a woman like this has anything meaningful to communicate ? 
Highly unlikely.

 Something is obviously wrong with a society where having big tits is a "career"

Obviously a very beautiful woman, someone to mentor.

Friday, July 19, 2024

The Master's Female Relationship Value System 2024 | Value For LTR, Not For Rating Value as a Person


This video of Briana Smith is to promote her, Not to say that she is a member or follower of Master Saneiv. I believe that Briana is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and beauty should be celebrated...contrary to the government that believes beauty should be mocked. Sounds like a lot of people in Washinton DC are smoking crack and sniffing glue.

  The Master's Female Relationship Value System ( In 2024 and Beyond )

  • Be Pretty
  • Be Submissive
  • Be Sexually Active for Him and Only Him
  • Be Non-Compliant With Feminism
  • Be Obedient
  • Be Virtuous and Someone of Good Character
  • Be Ready For Positive Change Through the Master. 
  • Master Will Build You Up and Not Tear You Down.
  • Do Not Be Contrary to The Natural Way. 
  • Embrace The Master's Spiritual Way

Nudity in Nature is a stepping stone to true spiritual enlightenment. When you do an activity in the physical-realm, eg. dancing naked, You need to dedicate your dance to the Master Saneiv ( Solus Dominus and Saneiv, are ONE ), Focus on the Master, Meditate on The Master, Worship The Master, So that your actions in life will transition to the spiritual-realm. Do Not Confuse Nudity With Sex. 

When you watch the dances, remember that Master Saneiv has no connection to India, or the Middle East. 

If these dances were dedicated to the one true spiritual master, Master Saneiv, Then the effort would be rewarded by Master as a stepping stone to true enlightenment. Otherwise,
these dances only boost their ego, and are entertainment for other people. 

Thursday, July 11, 2024

WARNING!! Yoga Isn't What It Seems: Rae Darabont Interview

Female obedience and submission should not be oppression, It should be true freedom.

If the vine is pagan, The fruit cannot be Holy or Spiritual. The vine is pagan

Hinduism, and the fruit is Yoga, Yoga annot be Holy, Spiritual or Beneficial. 
Even the stretching and yoga poses are not fundamentally sound, They are 

unnatural movements. So many women ( let's be honest, Yoga is primarily "thin white

women in affluent countries" ) have no idea what they are getting into, when they start
taking Yoga classes at the local community center, health club, etc. There is a high 

percentage of American women that get into a rage when you talk about female submission,

But they have no problem submitting to their male boss at work to further their career,

But refuse to do anything that will show any respect to their own husband. They also seem 

to have no problem practicing Yoga, But the term "Yoga" means to Yoke, Bind, Control. 

This is why so many of the most horrific cults in America and Europe, are based in Yoga.

Former Yoga Teacher: “It Invites Demons" | Angela Ucci

Monday, July 1, 2024

Some #women are the highest form of #natural #art | Join the Spiritual Master Saneiv Enlightenment Center

 Dedicate all that you do and say, to the only true spiritual master in the world, and it will transform your physical-realm life into spiritual-realm life.

Some #women are the highest form of #natural #art . come #join our #spiritual #commune . #Saneiv Spiritual #enlightenment Center.

#followforfollowback #spiritualenlightenment #spiritualentrepreneur

Master Saneiv also will teach you Supernatural self-defense

Enlightened Masters Do Not Grow On Trees, In Fact There is Only One in The World, Master Saneiv

 Female Beauty is Connected to the Spiritual-Realm , If you are also connected to the one and only true spiritual Master, Saneiv. 


Briana Smith in Slow Motion | One Of The Most Beautiful Women In The World | 
 Highest Form of Natural Art.
Female beauty is connected to the spiritual-realm, ONLY if your focus is on the
Enlightened Master Saneiv.

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No "Cookie Cutter" So-Called Guru | Join The True Spiritual Master Master Saneiv is the only true spiritual master in the world. Master Saneiv has no co...