Sunday, November 12, 2023

The Art of the Complete Ignore

Hello, I also know that you probably have assets that are far more important than 
superficial beauty. I am not an overly-demanding man, But you need to bring more to the (relationship) table than having big tits and a pretty face. 
Looking for the right, open-minded woman to be by my side in a possible LTR. My life calling is operating the Solus Dominus spiritual co-op community, and it is a dynamic that is based in *Polyamory*, and that dynamic is also *nonsexual*. 

I  am very intelligent, physically fit leader who is physically, mentally and emotionally strong.

 I have been in sports most of my life, always as a competitor, not as a spectator, which is another example of what separates the men from the boys. 

I have extensive and unique life experiences.

Gym 5-6 days per week, Ex-Special Forces U.S. Army. I have lived and worked overseas.

Still involved in my own business start-up and other projects. Looking for the right woman to compliment my life, and hopefully I will compliment and improve your life.  

I don't compromise on my "life code", for anyone, and that includes any woman on the planet. There is also not a woman on the planet that is "out of my league."

Guaranteed that you have never met anyone like me, and never will ( unless you are in my life. ) The "vibe" that I project is a masculine, old school Daddy that is straight-forward and confident.

I am a professional writer, inventor and lifetime creative.