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Friday, February 9, 2024

Being With The One True Spiritual Master is Your Destiny and Life Purpose


This is a side note about your question, and then you can read a general note from The Master, below this first message. God, ( Infinite Spiritual Intelligence, Where Love and Light are One ), The Only way that you will be able to truly “move on” is to “move into” , and this refers to the fact that everything that has ever existed, still exists, just not here in this specific dimension. There are 2 main ways that you can “move in” and experience, and even alter reality in Infinite Spiritual Dimensions. I.E. You can visit and experience your “past life” …The true definition of “past life” is not how people define it in spirituality communities, or how “so-called masters” define it. Master Solus Dominus is the Only Spirit-Human who can teach you how to visit the correct Infinite Spiritual Dimension at the speed of thought, Not the speed of light. Physics is limited by being in the Physical-realm. Speed of light is limited and to a physicst, Dimensions are limited. Our key word and principle is Spiritual ( Spiritual Dimensions ) If this is of interest to you, Let Master know and we can start the communication process.

Greetings, Nothing personal, But I would prefer if people on this site would think twice about asking questions related to Kundalini / Kundalini Yoga, Considering that it is a horrific CULT and has damaged and/or destroyed a LOT of people. It’s very easy to Google this topic and how it was founded as a very toxic cult. Most of the questions that people ask about Kundalini, are actually trying to promote the cult, but is disguised as a “questions” …

As the Only True Master of Spiritual Enlightenment , Anyone that is accepted to train with Master, Once you embrace the training, all of your questions will take care of themselves. Most questions related to spirituality on this site are related to a “solution to a problem that doesn’t exist” IF ( and only IF ), You are enlightened or in the process of being enlightened through Solus Dominus.

The volume of requests that I receive is so high, for questions related to the spiritual-realm, That I need to go back to general posts, rather than answering specific questions, Unless the person becomes a student / follower, Then the training itself will answer all of your questions, Not only on a personal level, But also related to why the teaching of The Master Solus Dominus will not only enlighten your “self” and your “being”, But you will learn how Infinite Spiritual Intelligence for Global Unity and Global Peace is very possible, But ONLY through the One and Only True Spiritual Master, Solus Dominus. It might sound like a paradox to teach the Only True Way to Global Peace ( a Global Spiritual Movement ), and at the same time, Knowing that the human nature of the average unenlightened person is to run TO lies, and run FROM truth. You will learn how this “contradiction in terms, concepts and principles” can be overcome through Solus Dominus.