Monday, April 15, 2024

I Don't Expect You To Join Through Blind Faith, But It Is urgent That You Join Us

 Light is the universal language.

The colors of light are the letters of the alphabet.

Combinations of the letters of light are the words of the language of light.

Simple effects of motion are simple words of few letters.

Complex effects of motion are complex sentences and paragraphs with long words of many letters.

Every effect of motion is cumulative and repeative within its accumulation.

If you have potential as an Enlightened Spirit-Person, You need to contact

The Only True Enlightened Master, Solus Dominus, Immediately. Your life

now, and your eternal (infinite) life, depends on it.

The popularity of the Beatles made these so-called gurus from India,
very popular. Wow, how surprising that the Beatles eventually got sick
of their BS, and knew it was all about the MONEY from affluent foreigners. 

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